Univar Solutions’ ES business rebrands as Veseris


March 12, 2020



Univar SolutionsEnvironmental Sciences (ES) business will now operate under the new brand name, Veseris. The organization will remain headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Univar Solutions closed on the sale of its ES business in January, which affiliates of AEA Investors purchased for $195 million. The deal, which was announced in late 2019, allows the distributor of chemicals and ingredients, and provider of value-added services, to pay down debt.

Once the deal was complete, Univar ES began the process of selecting a new name and logo that would establish its independent identity.

After significant research and collaboration by senior leadership, the name Veseris captured the culture and drive of the new standalone business. In the coming months the business will begin updating company signage and materials to reflect its identity moving forward.

“As the team worked through the renaming process they kept coming back to two key elements. First, recognize and celebrate our past. Second, signal our commitment to growth in the future,” said Trace McEuen, CEO of Veseris. McEuen was previously Univar Solutions’ vice president of ES, and will continue to lead the business, which offers pest management professionals (PMPs) products and services, as well as educational and technology resources.

The company serves PMPs in the United States, Canada, and Mexico via more than 250 sales and service professionals and 70 ProCenters. The company also has a network of authorized dealer partners in Latin America and the Caribbean. The company is known for PestWeb.com, an online resource geared to PMPs.

“The letters ‘V’ (from Van Waters & Rogers days) and the ‘ES’ remind us of our proud history serving professionals who make the environments in which we all live, work and play safer and healthier,” McEuen said. “It is important for our customers to know our deep commitment to their goals remains. They will have the same quality sales and delivery personnel, same product offerings, same ProCenters, and all the services they have relied on before. What will change is our ability to provide our customers with better tools and products to drive their business forward.”

Veseris customers should expect no major interruptions in their service or product availability. The only change a customer will experience is the name, according to a statement from the company.

“In Veseris, we find a name that has a strong meaning; Veseris means impact,” McEuen said. “Together with our partners at AEA, we are writing a new chapter on the way we will service our customers and partner with suppliers in all the markets we serve. AEA understands our business model and is willing to provide the capital and leadership for our business to grow.”


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