Block mosquitoes with barrier treatment


June 5, 2020

Headshot: Dr. Cisse Spragins

Dr. Cisse Spragins, CEO/founder of Rockwell Labs

Mosquito barrier treatment is perhaps the No. 1 way pest management professionals can help their customers enjoy their homes. And the good news is, this treatment is exterior-only in the vast majority of circumstances.

Botanicals are a great option to integrate into service protocols, and not just for green offerings. If properly formulated, botanicals offer strong, vapor-phase repellency, which is ideal for barrier treatment. They also have larvicidal activity. Botanical granule or dust formulations can be spot applied in chronically dark, damp areas to make those areas less attractive to adults to rest and lay eggs; to kill the larvae of floodwater breeders that may be present; and to help extend the residual effectiveness of the overall treatment.

Some botanicals also can be tank-mixed with pyrethroids to provide the benefits of faster knockdown and stronger repellency. They even can help extend the residual of the treatment vs. using a botanical or a pyrethroid alone.

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