Pest control experts suggest special offers, promotions for summer


June 12, 2020



We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial advisory board members to suggest a special offer or promotion pest management professionals could try this summer. Here are some of the experts’ responses — including a few extra that didn’t make it into our June 2020 print edition. Please share your advice in the comments below or send your comments to

PMP’s Regular Contributors

Greg Baumann: “Exterior pest control performed while customers are on vacation. There is no intrusion in the customers’ daily routine, and having someone on the property while they are gone shows activity at the home. While there, pick up any newspapers or flyers that have accumulated in plain view, and put them on the porch in a bag with your company’s name on it.”

Bobby Jenkins: “We rolled out a new initiative where we donate $20 to the local food bank for every service agreement we sell for the rest of May and June. It’s called ‘ABC’s Project Help our Neighbors,’ and we are working with all our media partners to promote it.”

Pete Schopen: “For our early-bird wasp promotion, we mail a letter in March to all wasp control clients from the previous year, and offer them a one-time payment deal for the preventive wasp service we perform in June.”

PMP’s Editorial Advisory Board

Stuart Aust: “Offer a free termite inspection of the home or business, as long as it isn’t a termite inspection report for a real estate closing. This generated a lot of leads over the years.”

Michael Broder: “We put our logo on small bottles of hand sanitizer. This is a fun way to promote our company’s new Disinfex Services, as well as pass along a very useful tool once human interactions resume.”

Paul Hardy: “Offer free mosquito control. When Rollins/Orkin started their original mosquito management programs, we offered the first service to existing pest control service customers for free in several major service areas using local advertising. The response was unbelievable, and those customers have been our most faithful.”


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