4 tips to reduce mite issues


August 7, 2020

Dr. Cassie Krejci

Dr. Cassie Krejci

Mites often are associated with similar conducive conditions that lead to spider issues, so spider control techniques also may help reduce mite issues of all kinds in urban areas:

⦁ Screens and physical barriers prevent intrusion of spiders, along with rodent and bird hosts of mites.

⦁ Removing clutter reduces spider and mite harborage areas, especially in dark corners where mites may find a source of food.

⦁ Exterior maintenance of trees and foliage reduces harborage areas for spiders and plant mites. It also reduces the proximity of bird nests, a hot spot for parasitic mites.

⦁ Crack-and-crevice application of an appropriate insecticide targets both spiders and mites where they travel most.


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