It’s time: Start using remote monitoring for rodents


October 29, 2020

Mike Goldstein Headshot

Mike Goldstein, Sales Manager, Professional Products, Woodstream

If you have not yet considered adding remote monitoring technology to your rodent control toolbox, now is the time to do so.

These systems consist of connected rodent control devices that communicate and alert you instantly of captures and activity via your smartphone or laptop. Such systems provide pest management professionals with numerous benefits that add great value to existing service programs.

They allow you to monitor rodent activity in the account 24/7, and provide you instant, real-time alerts when you have a catch. This allows you to react quickly, evaluate your service program, and move connected devices as needed for optimum results.

On average, more than 90 percent of a service technician’s time at a rodent account is spent checking traps that have no activity. A remote monitoring technology system can save vast amounts of time and labor by enabling you to focus on and service only those devices that have alerts. The time saved can be redeployed to conduct proactive inspections of the account, and implement needed corrective actions.

Two additional benefits of these systems are the documentation and history they generate. You can use this data to analyze and detect rodent patterns in the account. In turn, this will help prevent future pest issues. I encourage all pest management professionals to trial the various new technologies, to determine what works best. The investment will be well worth it.

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