2 useful tips for successful trapping


December 16, 2020

Mike Goldstein Headshot

Mike Goldstein, Sales Manager, Professional Products, Woodstream

Here are two simple, but useful tips to increase your success when using live animal cage traps:

  1. Select the correct size trap for the target animal you are attempting to capture. This is important, so the animal is comfortable to enter your trap. It’s also critical so when the animal does enter, it gets fully committed into the trap before the trigger fires and closes the door. If the animal is not all the way into the trap and the trap is not large enough, the door will come down on the back of the animal and allow it to possibly back out and avoid capture. This negative experience with the trap educates the animal, and it will be trap-shy in the future — making it much more difficult to capture.
  2. Ensure your cage trap is stable, secure and will not rock or move when the animal enters. The animal must feel at ease when committing and entering the trap. Any movement of the trap at this point could spook it, and prevent commitment and capture.

By following these simple steps, you provide comfort for the target animal to enter your cage trap, fully commit and get captured.

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