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March 31, 2021

Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, Nisus Corp.

Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, Nisus Corp.

Cockroaches are not good. Cockroaches are awful. Cockroaches are disgusting. But they’re not the end of the world, despite your customers who feel that way. Help diffuse their situation with a little education:

⦁ Understand the species in question. American cockroaches are different from German cockroaches, for example. German cockroaches can take hold in the most obscure and clean areas. American cockroaches, once established, can be more of a nightmare, but they usually prefer colder and damper environments.

⦁ Understand the account. Cockroach issues usually are associated with a lack of sanitation. But sometimes, that’s the neighbor’s fault, not the customer’s. Know the situation and plan accordingly.

Granular baits are great for cockroaches. Dust in drains and sink openings. Cockroaches love to groom, so use dusts and powders in areas that are hard to reach. Spray the plumbing lines. Most aerosols with residual control will work.

What about the horrible accounts, you ask? Run.


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