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May 12, 2021



Many companies grow through acquisitions; others grow more organically. I tend to lean toward the latter option. To accomplish this, our team focuses on marketing, our current customers, and our community.

A long time ago, we decided on what type of customers we wanted to pursue to provide pest control, pool maintenance, and lawn care services: People who cannot or do not want to perform our services themselves, and are willing to pay for quality work.

In the residential realm, we focus on women ages 35 to 55, with an annual combined income of $125,000 a year; they own their homes and they have children. We focus our marketing message and the times we run our TV and radio advertising with this target market in mind.

In the commercial arena, our business development team focuses on established businesses and accounts that realize the value an integrated pest management program brings to their customer experience, and ultimately their brand protection. On the top of that list, we pursue customers who need maintenance services, such as hospitals, assisted-living facilities, resorts and hotels, schools, food production plants and warehouses, and office buildings.

Our customers provide the best avenue for growth when they are treated well and their pest problems are taken care of. An important factor in providing a quality service is to ensure we are delivering the results our customers expect. A technician who is kind has a wonderful quality, but if he or she can’t take care of the customer’s problem, it’s moot.

Your training should be thorough, and your processes should be written down and consistently followed by everyone at your company. Don’t skimp on products or equipment; use the best solutions that will provide the best results. Technicians understand that their knowledge and expertise are appreciated by the company, and in turn they care about their customers. This serves our customers well.


Raleigh Jenkins

Raleigh Jenkins

Today’s consumer wants to do business with companies that care about their communities and serving others, and not just making a profit. Our customers are the community we serve, and what better way is there to thank them than by being involved? Customers feel good about supporting a company that contributes back, and that goodwill is spread by word of mouth.

Community stewardship also provides a higher sense of purpose among employees. They know their hard work isn’t just providing a paycheck; their earnings go back out to the community they, too, are serving. They have a sense of pride, and their quality of work reflects it. It all intertwines toward fostering a kinder humanity. A byproduct of selfless service is a stronger brand and ultimately, growth.

Growth isn’t easy. There are sacrifices that need to be made to achieve it. But growth is essential. So set a target, create the process, make a decision to focus on two or three things, and do them well. And remember those who helped you achieve your goal.

JENKINS, who rotates this column with his brothers Bobby and Dennis, is president of ABC Home & Commercial Services, Houston, Texas. He can be reached at

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