Meeting demand has its rewards


May 31, 2021



If you are among the pest management professionals (PMPs) who take the job of protecting public health and property seriously, it should come as no surprise that many of your colleagues — maybe even you — now offer disinfecting services.

Although Congress declared pest control an essential service at the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, many PMPs added disinfecting services to make up for revenue lost to shuttered businesses and unemployed customers.

In the pest management industry, adding services is nothing new. PMPs have responded to customer and community demand by treating for bed bugs during a recent resurgence across the country, and by offering mosquito control as news spread of mosquito-borne viruses and diseases, such as West Nile and Zika. Those who step up to fill a need often are rewarded with new customers and increased revenue.

Last year, the coronavirus pandemic sparked a surge in disinfecting services, an additional service that has proven to be lucrative for many PMPs. Our cover story, Cleanup crew: COVID-19 prompts PMPs to offer disinfecting services, checks in with PMPs who jumped in and made sure they had the equipment, training and staff to get the job done right.

Adding a new service proved to be just what they needed to attract new customers and boost revenue.

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