Three actions for better stored product pests


November 5, 2021

Dr. Ryan Neff

Dr. Ryan Neff, West Coast Technical Field Specialist, MGK

Three actions to take for better SPP management include:

  1. Monitor. You have to know when and where infestations start. Technician feedback and trap catch data are invaluable to catching infestations early.
  2. Identify. Knowing the exact species helps you adjust your treatment strategy, to make it more effective. In accounts where you implement pheromones, make sure you know what kind of trap you’re putting out and why. A hanging moth pheromone trap attracts different species than ground traps containing food attractant, for example.
  3. Adjust. Use the information you gathered from monitoring and proper identification to tailor your treatment method. Efficiency makes you more money. Identify when and where infestations pop up, and propose a service that suits the client. Large accounts, like food-processing facilities, can sometimes have multiple issues on different fronts. The front office could have ants, while the processing area behind it is overrun with small flies, for example. Being able to adjust your treatment strategy, and ultimately price, comes down to clearly telling customers what you’re treating, where you’re treating, and how it will save them time and money down the road.

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Dr. Ryan Neff, West Coast Technical Field Specialist, MGK

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