Take advantage of cold weather to prevent ants


January 28, 2022

Dr. Reid Ipser

Dr. Reid Ipser

Take advantage of the season now before warm weather hits to reduce future customer calls and callbacks. Think about conducting your first service of the new year with an emphasis on ants. In fact, when ants emerge, you can make sure dinner is already waiting by “prebaiting” before ants start to forage.

Particle baits are ideal for this scenario. As the warmer months approach, ants will start to forage and increase their population nest size. Get out before that happens with a particle bait that is also labeled for other pest insect species to cover a wider gamut. You can even combine a particle bait with another insecticide application, as long as the two do not interfere and compromise the attractiveness of the bait itself. ‘For potential new accounts, use this as a foundation for the year-long service contract.


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