Tips for finding a good subcontractor


March 2, 2022

Photo: Choreograph/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Photo: Choreograph/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial advisory board members to share tips for finding good subcontractors. Here are some of the experts’ responses from our March 2022 print edition.

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PMP’s Editorial Advisory Board and Regular Contributors

Greg Baumann: “Make sure the subcontractor is properly licensed and insured. Make sure your insurance will cover the work a subcontractor completes. It is best to draft a formal contract that includes indemnification so you are not responsible for work done by a subcontractor.”

Judy Black

Judy Black

Judy Black, BCE: “Don’t rely on a handshake deal. Make sure they sign a subcontractor agreement. It will protect you and them, and outline what the expectations are on both sides so potential problems are avoided.”

Jerry Schappert, ACE: “Building a network takes time, and weeding out the not-so-good subcontractors is paramount. Joining networking groups will help immensely.”

Michael Broder: “The first thing I do is reach out to my distributor reps. They know our company standards and have been very helpful in connecting us to like-minded businesses who do work in other areas.”

Doug Foster

Doug Foster

Doug Foster: “Realtors are a great resource for finding structural repair people, as well as general contractors.”

Paul Hardy: “Churches are great place to start because most have bulletin boards or newsletters. Also check out laundromat or hardware store bulletin boards, weekly city newspapers and neighborhood internet groups. Ask your employees and customers for referrals.”

Kurt Scherzinger, ACE: “Interview a few local companies that specialize in only those services you need, and align yourself with ones that exhibit your core values. This will pay off in the future, as they get calls for pest control that they will pass your way in return.”

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