Using the right tools to tackle cockroaches


March 10, 2022

Anna Hansen

Anna Hansen

Knocking down a heavy cockroach population can be easy with the right tools. Taking out the last stragglers to eliminate an infestation, however, requires more work.

Historically, sticky traps have been used to monitor pest activity and catch infestations early. But they can do more than that. They also can help pinpoint cockroach harborage areas, which means you can make more targeted applications.

The next time you check a monitor, look more closely at your catch: Are there mostly adults, or nymphs? Any gravid females? Are cockroaches congregated on one side, or are they all over the place?

Depending on the life stage, some cockroaches will remain close to harborage areas, while others wander farther away. Adult males tend to forage extensively throughout the infested area. If your monitor contains primarily adult males, move it to another location.

On the other hand, nymphs and gravid females are a good indicator you are closer to a harborage area. Cockroaches clustered at one end of the trap tells you the direction they were coming — and thus, the direction of the harborage.

When you understand cockroach behavior, and know what to look for, these traps are a great asset as you target remaining cockroaches.


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