Finding the best product placement for mosquito control


May 11, 2022

J.B. Howell

J.B. Howell

Choosing the correct products to control mosquitoes is important, but it doesn’t guarantee a successful treatment. Product placement is absolutely crucial. It’s important to place treatments in areas of pest activity. Because we are typically treating in daylight hours, when mosquitoes are least active, there are two big questions to consider during your initial inspection:

  1. Where are mosquitoes going to be hiding during the day?
  2. Why are mosquitoes going to be there?

Mosquitoes are susceptible to dehydration. They like to rest in micro-environments that are humid and protected from sunlight and high winds. During inspections, look for shaded areas offering these conditions, such as plants, bushes, eaves, tall grass, and under decks to expose some of the most common resting sites.

When mosquitoes encounter hedges or shrubs, they don’t typically land on the top surface of leaves, where they are exposed to sunlight. Instead, they invert and land on the underside of leaves, which offers better protection. Ensuring your treatment reaches the undersides of leaves will greatly increase treatment efficacy.


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  1. Manoj Kumar says:

    Mosquitoes are annoying and can cause sleep deprivation, so no one wants to be around them, especially while sleeping or at night. To solve this problem, product placement is required, but where should it be done? The information I gained from this post aided me in determining where mosquitos would hide and why they might be there.