Understanding flying pests


August 10, 2022

J.B. Howell

J.B. Howell

Summer is a great time to increase revenue while reducing unwanted flying seasonal invaders. Creating plans to successfully control them, however, can be equal parts challenging and financially rewarding.

The first step is identification. If you work with an experienced service manager, technical director or entomologist, your search probably will be completed in short order. The rest of us must dig a little. Referencing university entomology web pages online also can help shorten your search. Many states have agriculture or extension offices that may aid in identification, either in-person or online. Even a search on a site like iNaturalist.org could yield results.

After identification, look into the insect’s basic biology to help you better understand the source and what is attracting the pest.

For example, I recently experienced a call regarding identification of a chinch bug. Once the customer understood what the insect was and where it came from, a treatment program for the lawn was designed. In other cases, the pest may be attracted to exterior lighting, so treating around these areas is a good option.

The more you understand about the pests you are treating, the more successful your program will be.


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