Insect light traps for fly monitoring


August 29, 2022

Stuart Mitchell

Dr. Stuart Mitchell, BCE, technical director, PestWest USA

We all despise pesky flies: No one wants the surprise of flies on their fries.

Pursuant to analyzing trends and root cause, conventional fly monitoring methods are labor-intensive and fuel-expensive. In our opinion, the future of cost-effective fly monitoring is through an insect light traps (ILTs) remote monitoring system.

Typically, an ILT system’s camera monitors flies through high-resolution images of its glue boards. Taken on either a scheduled or on-demand basis, time-lapsed glue board images allow an assessment of fly abundance, diversity and ecology. System sensors measure temperature and humidity so technicians can assess the conditions favorable to pesky fly presence.

A computer portal and phone app provide remote access to the ILT monitoring system. As a field tool, the app can provide technicians with essential field reports. Reports include an interactive map of client locations, the status of each ILT system within each location, and time-based notifications for ultraviolet (UVA) lamp and glue board replacement. It lets technicians know exactly which traps to service and which are unnecessary to service.
ILT remote monitoring can increase production revenue and lower costs. Through improved route scheduling, technicians have more time to assess and solve fly problems at their accounts. Cancellations are reduced, which increases customer satisfaction.


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MITCHELL, D.O., DVM, PsyD, BCE, is technical director of PestWest, and a frequent contributor to PMP.

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