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September 21, 2022

Jerry Schappert

Jerry Schappert

Although clichés can be 100 percent accurate, they’re so overused that they tend to water down the impact of what’s said.

So, when someone says, “You just can’t find good help anymore,” the listener automatically dismisses it and usually responds with yet another cliché, like “No one wants to work nowadays.” The conversation then tends to roll on about just how difficult it is to find workers, and often, no helpful direction is shared.

While it’s true that finding help in today’s current economic climate is a struggle, able-bodied folks are out there. Job seekers simply have more choices and better offers than in the past. They are — wait for the cliché — in the driver’s seat.


Internet — There is no shortage of ways you can get the word out online. Of course, there are pay-to-play sites, and those work great. I get quite a few job candidates this way. But you also can end up sifting through a ton of applications and many an interview you wish you did not have to endure. Networking groups such as Business Network International (BNI.com) can quickly get your job opening out to hundreds of prospective candidates. Typically, these are more targeted options, and they will work in your favor.

Social media — Think of all the different communities you are a part of, including Facebook Groups. A quick post and who knows, you may just get a call.

Personal encounters — When my wife and I are out, we often notice a person who seems to exude the service personality we are seeking. Perhaps it’s a restaurant server who is super good at her job, and when we engage in a bit of conversation, we find out she’s very proficient in computers and would like to put those skills to use. At the end of our meal, we tip well but also give her our card and ask her to call to schedule an appointment to see whether what we offer just might work for all of us.

Staff referrals — Your team is already out wearing your brand and running into many people who may not know of your job opportunities. A proven strategy is to offer bonuses for staff members who find someone for you. You can get creative here and offer half the bonus amount upon hiring the prospect and then provide the rest after six months. Hey, why not offer a signing bonus for the new hire, too? Lately, this seems to be the new wave in recruiting, so it’s something to consider.


Now — cliché alert — for the elephant in the room: How do you entice workers to not only entertain your offer, but get them to sign on? I couldn’t possibly list all the offerings you could present, but suffice to say, good pay and benefits go a long way.

Still, it seems today’s applicants are looking for more. A stable atmosphere are what job candidates seem to want most. So perhaps what fits here is not so much of a cliché as it is an overused quote: “There’s no place like home.” Give your employees a home, and your house always will be filled.

The Pest Cemetery crew

“I am hiring techs in pairs now to increase my odds of at least one working out long-term.”
— Brett Stevenson, Owner, A-1 Exterminators, Salt Lake City, Utah

“We offer hiring and referral bonuses. Both are based on someone actually staying for a certain amount of time. The past few months, our company has doubled the referral bonus.”
— Jason Heiser, Senior Service Team Lead, Sherrill Pest Control, Manchester, Tenn.

“Consistently interviewing people, even if you don’t need anyone. Always have a backup plan to keep a full staff.”
— John Perry Cunningham, Pest Control Service Professional, Stark Exterminators, Georgetown, S.C.

“I constantly network and recruit. You never know when you may have an opening, so you must always have a plan.”
— Edward E. “Tug” Passen, ACE, Region Operations Manager, RK Environmental Services, Westwood, N.J.

“Attract workers with updated equipment, new vehicles, bonuses and more family time.”
— Vincent Grato, Management, Ashland Pest Control, Buffalo, N.Y.  

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