Tips to find hidden sources of stored product pests


November 16, 2022

Dr. Cisse Spragins

Dr. Cisse Spragins, founder and CEO, Rockwell Labs

Stored product pests (SPP) like “pantry” beetles and moths can be challenging in residential accounts. It can be as easy as finding the infested dog food, birdseed or grain products in the pantry or garage and eliminating it. But other times, the source may not be easy to locate or access.

Old rodent bait in a hidden area can be a culprit. So can grain products that may have spilled into a void area that isn’t easy or obvious to locate. Depending on the pest, ask homeowners whether they have any collectible items such as furs, skins, taxidermy, dried flowers, etc.

Care should be taken with pheromone traps, particularly with Plodia and Ephestia moths. The sex pheromone for these two genera is typically potent enough to lure insects in from outside. In commercial environments, they generally are labeled to be placed 25 to 50 feet from doorways. It is difficult to get that far from a window or door in a residential home, however, and this will require some homeowner education if they’ve purchased these traps themselves.

One last tip: Silica dust is a great option for treating voids under cabinets and inside walls, hard-to-reach areas, cracks and crevices in cupboards and closets, and other labeled areas to provide long-lasting protection against SPP.


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Dr. Cisse Spragins is founder and CEO of Rockwell Labs Ltd. She is also a PMP Hall of Famer, Class of 2018.

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