The Pest Posse: Fundamentals of Pest Control Sales


April 12, 2023



Written by The Pest Posse co-founder Foster Brusca, who partners with¬†Pest Management Professional Senior Editor Diane Sofranec twice a month to produce the podcast “Today’s PMP,”¬†Fundamentals of Pest Control Sales is designed to equip pest control business owners with fundamental approaches for selling services to residential and commercial customers. Highlights include how to implement a daily routine that will lead to more sales; how to find the ideal customer, which is essential for generating sales; how to write a professional proposal that will lead to closing more sales; how to use a professional tone in your proposals and when speaking with customers; what language to avoid that may confuse or turn off customers; organizational skills that are crucial for managing an effective sales process; and effective strategies for closing more sales. The book is available in both print and digital editions.

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