Stay focused on customer service while on the grow


July 19, 2023


Raleigh Jenkins

Providing exceptional customer service can be challenging, especially through periods of company growth. It’s easy to slip from established processes when things seem out of control. But with planning and dedication, you can still deliver great customer service.

Training is key

Attracting new customers while keeping your current customer base steady begins with training. Whether it’s aligned for new employees or tenured team members, training is a fundamental foundation for all technicians, customer service representatives, and management.

Schedule (and execute) ongoing training throughout the year to ensure your employees stay up to date with industry advancements. By prioritizing training, your team members become knowledgeable enough to become empowered to deliver exceptional service. They can take care of the customer in a timely manner, which fosters trust and confidence in your brand.

Having a well-trained staff is particularly beneficial during a growth phase. Changes will be necessary, and if the staff is well prepared, they can transition to other duties or departments, or take on additional responsibilities.

Growth should occur almost seamlessly from the customer’s point of view. For example, our customers rely on us to have the answers to their pest, pool and lawn problems. We need to be able to resolve their problems, of course, but we also need to exceed our customers’ expectations. This is true no matter what is going on internally; that commitment needs to be a part of the company culture.

Pay attention to morale

Good or bad, attitude can be heard in a phone call, or seen in body language or facial expressions. Job engagement is a vital part of every employee experience, which eventually becomes an expression of their workmanship.

It’s important to understand and address your team’s needs and circumstances. Regular communication, feedback sessions and an open-door policy will help foster a sense of belonging and loyalty.

Whether it is in your normal day-to-day activity or during a period of growth, engage your staff and open lines of communication. This will encourage your staff to take ownership of their roles, resulting in a better customer experience.

Measure progress

To assist your management team in monitoring the quality of your customer service, it is crucial to establish clear metrics to measure your customer’s and employee’s experience. At ABC, we track several key performance indicators (KPIs) to help us monitor customer service, especially through surveys.

Our employees are regularly asked about their direct supervisor or manager. Is that person supporting them? Are they available for questions? Do they listen?

Our customers are regularly surveyed about their technicians and the call center. We also survey them when management gets involved in a complaint. Are we prompt? Did we resolve their issue? Were we courteous?

We found it is important to provide regular communication to the entire team about the results of these types of metrics. It helps us work on continuous improvement and identifying areas that require attention. It also provides an avenue to celebrate individuals and recognize exceptional service to their fellow teammate or customer.

By investing in quality training, engaging and supporting employees, and consistently exceeding expectations, you establish a strong foundation for exceptional service. Remember to measure your progress, build robust support staff, and actively seek employee and customer feedback.

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