Allergy Technologies hires senior VP


August 8, 2023

Dominique Sauvage

Dominique Sauvage

Allergy Technologies hired Dominique Sauvage as senior vice president and a member of its senior management team as part of its ATAHC Program to eliminate bed bugs.

ATAHC remediates and prevents infestations in affordable housing communities with an innovative approach that has reduced the bed bug population by well over 95 percent in its initial engagement throughout Philadelphia, Pa., housing over the past three years. Sauvage is tasked with helping accelerate its national rollout.

A native of Johannesburg, South Africa, Sauvage has spent 40 years in the pest management field and has worked in 17 countries.

“I thought for the remainder of my career, I would like to make a difference with people,” Sauvage said in the news release. “I soon focused on Allergy Technologies and the humane aspect of what they’re doing: giving people in affordable housing a life free from the physical, psychological and emotional disruptions of bed bugs — and using empathy, care and kindness to do so.”

Among his responsibilities, Sauvage will manage the pest management professional (PMP) relationships that drive ATAHC’s on-site success. While educating PMPs about the purpose of ATAHC and the preventive focus of ActiveGuard in the program, he will codify their field procedures and certify them into the program. Added duties range from implementing and monitoring the ATAHC Program in existing and new markets while providing a flawless QA/QC experience, a tentpole of his background. He will create the electronic data collection database, enabling the Company to evaluate and constantly raise its performance level. Finally, he will pursue global opportunities and seek avenues into the hospitality sector, marrying pest control with the “guest-experience.” He understands that the fusion of his roles is a key to the company’s expansion.

“We know there is a sharp learning curve for new technicians, especially with a transformative Program like ATAHC,” Sauvage adds. “We will best succeed through training, checks and balances, and data feeds. We want to make this repeatable and scalable.”

As a bridge to the residents, PMPs can drive growth when trained and motivated. One way to do so is by emphasizing the advantages of ATAHC, such as reducing PMP on-site time as ATAHC personnel handles the relationships and scheduling underpinning of the Program. This gives PMPs time to seek new revenue through further engagements.

“My big goal is to be able to assess success with the residents,” Sauvage said. “My quality assurance and quality control responsibilities are made more interesting by meeting residents, listening for keywords, and observing emotions.”

Sauvage resides in Hatboro, Pa., with his wife, Mary-Ann.


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