Cooler weather brings out spiders


August 23, 2023

Kevin Laycock

Kevin Laycock

As the weather cools, customers may see spider activity in and around their homes. Lots of rain can cause insects to thrive, which become spider food. Spider activity is more obvious in fall as they grow larger, build webs and actively mate.

Some spider species bite when disturbed, but most species are not harmful to humans. In addition to your prevention and control strategy, advise customers to get rid of indoor spiders by vacuuming to remove adults, egg sacs and webs. If a broom is used, spiders usually can escape.

Remind customers to shake out and inspect shoes, clothing and accessories such as gloves before dressing, as well as keep boxes on shelves and not under the bed. Have them remove clutter from basements, attics and garages, and remind them to wear heavy gloves when moving items that have been stored for a significant amount of time.


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