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January 3, 2024


During a recent Pest Posse TV episode, the author, left, and Maria Berta discuss best practices for terminating an employee. PHOTO: THE PEST POSSE

Pest Posse TV was created as a dedicated online platform and community to serve and empower pest management professionals (PMPs). It offers an extensive array of resources, continuous training, and a community page tailored specifically for the professional pest control industry.

One of these resources includes a recent, free episode on Pest Posse TV titled “Best Practices for Terminating an Employee.” This episode featured Maria Berta, a seasoned human resources professional from Berta Consulting Group in Pleasant Hill, Calif.

Be prepared

One of Berta’s core recommendations revolves around the meticulous groundwork that precedes termination. “Have your paperwork, paychecks and legal requirements squared away,” she advised, underlining the significance of a seamless administrative process. The devil is indeed in the details, and being unprepared on the logistical front can lead to unnecessary complications.

Exit interviews, according to Berta, are a golden opportunity to glean insights from departing employees: “Exit interviews offer a unique perspective that can be instrumental in refining company policies and fostering a positive workplace culture.”

Avoid mistakes

Foster Brusca

Foster Brusca

Berta also highlighted common mistakes organizations often make during terminations. Surprising employees with the news and heaping emotional burdens on them are pitfalls to be avoided. “Transparency is key,” she said, urging employers to communicate openly and honestly, fostering an environment of trust.

The key takeaway from Berta’s insights is clear: Approach terminations with a strategic blend of careful planning, legal compliance, and a genuine display of empathy. It’s not just about ending an employment relationship; it’s about crafting an exit that respects the individual, safeguards the organization, and paves the way for a positive future.

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