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February 7, 2024


Windshield time is a large part of the job for pest control technicians. PHOTO: THE PEST POSSE

In the world of pest control, where nimbleness and precision are paramount, the role of the service technician extends beyond the expertise in handling pests. This was vividly illuminated in the recent Pest Posse TV live stream I held with my Pest Posse Co-Owner Culley Christensen.

Our January episode took an unconventional turn by featuring Erin Gilchrist, VP of Fleet Evangelism(!) at IntelliShift, a Commack, N.Y.-based fleet management software provider. Gilchrist suggested our industry should view pest control technicians as professional drivers.

Beyond their expertise in pest management, technicians are navigating roads daily to reach clients. The safety and efficiency of their journeys play a pivotal role not only in customer satisfaction, but also in the overall success of their pest control businesses.

From navigating busy urban streets to handling unexpected road hazards, the parallels between professional drivers and pest control technicians are undeniable. Acknowledging this shared responsibility not only ensures tech safety, but also safeguards the reputations of pest control businesses.

Fleet size is irrelevant

We explored the vital question of when business owners should consider their vehicles as a fleet. Gilchrist pointed out that any collection of vehicles used for business purposes, regardless of size, should be treated as a fleet.

Erin Gilchrist

Erin Gilchrist

Whether it’s a single service van or a dozen trucks, proactive fleet management becomes the linchpin for operational efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Cultivate a safe-driver culture

As our discussion unfolded, it became evident that maintaining a fleet isn’t just about meeting regulatory standards; it’s about fostering a culture of responsibility and safety. Regular vehicle maintenance, driver training, and embracing technology for real-time monitoring are key to ensuring smooth operations on the road.

As our Pest Posse Live Stream series continues in 2024, Culley and I will continue to steer the pest control industry toward a future in which professionalism and efficiency drive success. Watch the full live replay of this episode at PestPosseTV.com/programs/are-pmps-considered-professional-drivers.



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