Using IGR for cockroach control


March 13, 2024

Sandra Sleezer

Sandra Sleezer

When treating cockroaches, the simple addition of an insect growth regulator (IGR) can make a big difference. IGRs break the life cycle of the cockroach. If resistance to adulticides is already in the population, IGRs will add another mode of action to help combat that resistance.

Adult cockroaches that enter a location treated with an IGR can become sterilized, and juveniles that encounter an IGR may not be able to develop properly.

Every infestation starts small, then grows into a serious problem. If a reintroduction happens, stopping that population from reproducing in the first place with an IGR can save you a headache later.

IGRs can be tank-mixed with adulticides as liquid residual applications, or fogged. You also can find baits and aerosols with IGRs included.


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