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March 15, 2024



To set yourself up for success in 2024, you need a plan. On a recent Pest Posse TV live stream — a monthly segment I host with The Pest Posse Co-owner Culley Christensen — guest Casey Lewis, CEO of Rhino Digital Media, discussed a marketing plan spreadsheet he developed specifically for pest control companies.

This spreadsheet serves as a comprehensive blueprint for both the marketing agency and the pest control company, facilitating the clarification of goals, strategies and budget allocation. Through annual discussions about objectives and required resources, the spreadsheet offers a structured approach to collaboration and accountability. It enables the tracking of progress, identification of areas for adjustment, and a focus on business development rather than solely on operational tasks.

Lewis emphasized the significance of setting clear goals for effective planning and execution, as well as the necessity of defining revenue targets with precision and understanding how they translate into actionable steps.

Hitting sales goals

Pest control companies must concentrate on generating new revenue streams and maintain consistency in their sales efforts throughout the year, especially considering seasonal fluctuations in demand. Understanding the average customer value and conversion rates is crucial for achieving sales goals. Lewis underscored the importance of thoroughly assessing all leads, even those outside your immediate service area, to enhance conversion rates and optimize marketing endeavors. Other points we discussed include:

  • A comprehensive marketing plan and budget are indispensable.
  • It’s crucial to track sales and marketing efforts accurately to gauge success.
  • Implementing mechanisms to manage and measure marketing endeavors, rather than relying solely on intuition, is essential.

Monitoring progress

Lewis also brought up several points about the importance of both ongoing training and evaluating sales processes. This is the checks-and-balances process to ensure what you’re implementing is working. He also advised:

  • A strategic, long-term commitment to marketing is necessary, including budgeting funds for marketing activities.
  • Try using tools such as Google Locker Studio to monitor leads, sales and return on investment (ROI). Doing so can provide insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

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