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March 22, 2024

Matt Remmen

Matt Remmen

This time of year, pest management professionals often receive an increase in calls about cockroaches. American cockroaches are nocturnal, spending the day hiding in cracks and crevices. Meanwhile, German cockroaches establish harborages anywhere in a structure where essential resources (food, water and shelter) are available. German cockroaches spend over 90 percent of their time in harborages, typically only leaving these microenvironments to feed and mate.

To maximize your inspection findings, look for certain conditions and signals. These might include fecal matter, egg cases, cast skins, carcasses and fecal focal points, which can look like dark-colored stains. Communicate your findings clearly with customers.

Keep in mind, too, that both American and German cockroaches feed on a large variety of foodstuffs. They often are commonly discovered wherever food is stored and prepared. American cockroaches are also found in sanitary sewers, plumbing chases, and other construction elements.

If you decide to bait, remember that your materials must compete with existing food and water sources. Make placements directly into harborage sites, or as close as possible to the harborage, and between harborage and food sources. The goal is for cockroaches to find the bait before acquiring a meal from local resources.

As effective and attractive as baits are, however, they will not provide acceptable control if inadequate amounts are applied. Follow label directions and apply enough bait to feed the population.


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