PPMA celebrates pest awareness, adds director, releases report


April 2, 2024

The Professional Pest Management Alliance (PPMA), which serves as the public outreach arm of the National Pest Management Association (NPMA), is having an eventful spring. The organization is celebrating April as National Pest Management Month; working on materials to be ready for Tick Awareness Week in May (which also happens to be Lyme Disease Awareness Month); releasing its 2023 annual report; and welcoming Rollins Inc.’s Jerry Gahlhoff to its board of directors.

PPMA celebrates National Pest Management Month



April is National Pest Management Month (NPMM), an annual observance recognized by Chase’s Calendar of Events highlighting the vital role pest control plays in protecting public health, food and property from the threats posed by pests.

This April, the PPMA is calling on industry partners to help emphasize the significant risks pests can pose and the critical importance of proper pest control.

According to research conducted by the NPMA in 2023, 88 percent of Americans have had bugs, insects or rodents in their home.

“Pests are a constant in everyone’s lives, so it’s imperative that we dedicate ourselves to educating consumers on the risks of pests and the importance of pest management,” Dr. Jim Fredericks, BCE, executive director of PPMA, said in the news release. “Industry members everywhere have the chance to make a difference this month by promoting National Pest Management Month.”

PPMA is encouraging pest control companies to participate in this month-long designation by focusing company content on the importance of pest management throughout the month. To help drive this campaign, an exclusive National Pest Management Month toolkit, which includes a customizable press release, suggested social media content, and National Pest Management Month logos, is available for Mainframe subscribers to download on PPMAMainframe.org.

PPMA celebrates Tick  Awareness Week

Tick Awareness Week, taking place May 5-11, 2024, is an annual designation established by the PPMA, which serves as the public outreach arm of the NPMA.

Recognized by Chase’s Calendar of Events, this week is dedicated to raising awareness about ticks and the threats they present to humans and pets.

Ticks are capable of transmitting debilitating diseases at alarming rates. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nearly 500,00 people may be diagnosed with Lyme disease each year in the U.S.

“The alarming increase in tick-borne diseases underscores the serious threat these pests pose to public health and the need for industry partners to support this important campaign that highlights the importance of a pest-free home,” Dr. Fredericks said.

As May is also Lyme Disease Awareness Month, Tick Awareness Week provides the perfect opportunity for pest control companies to unite in a collective effort to empower consumers by spreading awareness of the dangers associated with ticks. Throughout the week, all PPMA social media channels, @PestWorld, will be focused on educating consumers about ticks and directing them to the TickTalk.org microsite and consumer site, PestWorld.org.

PPMA is urging all pest control companies to engage in this awareness initiative by focusing their social media content on ticks throughout the week and using the hashtag #TickAwarenessWeek in all posts. To aid in driving this campaign, an exclusive Tick Awareness Week toolkit, which includes a customizable press release, suggested social media content, Tick Awareness Week logos, high-resolution photography and video, infographics and more, is available for Mainframe subscribers to download on PPMAMainframe.org.

PPMA releases 2023 annual report

PPMA recently released its 2023 annual report, illustrating the organization’s comprehensive efforts to tell the clear, credible story of the pest control industry while raising consumer awareness of the risks that pests pose to families, businesses and homeowners across the country.

The 20-page report, themed “We Are Boundless,” highlights the PPMA’s year-round efforts to promote, protect, and grow the professional pest control industry by bringing new users to market, reaching a massive audience of 1.8 billion in 2023. With data and impactful visuals, it showcases a multi-channel approach, including consumer and commercial media relations, public service announcements, digital advertising campaigns, and organic social media engagement, among other tactics.

“Looking through these pages, I feel a huge sense of pride in our industry and immense gratitude for all who support this powerful work,” said Bobby Jenkins, Chairman of PPMA, ABC Home & Commercial Services and a co-author with his brothers, Raleigh and Dennis, on Pest Management Professional’s “ABCs of Growth” column.. “It’s through the dedication of pest control companies, suppliers and friends that PPMA’s achievements are made possible.”

The annual report features milestone accomplishments for PPMA, including:

  • A new and improved consumer website, recording a combined 7.2+ million impressions in 2023
  • The highly anticipated second season of “Will They Eat It?,” a powerful yet humorous web series that reminds viewers of the importance of professional termite control to protect both their properties and wallets
  • Noteworthy national and regional news stories with Good Morning America, NPR, TMZ, USA Today, CNBC and over 700 other earned media placements
  • Valuable insights shared in commercial publications such as Food Engineering Magazine, among others.
  • Award-winning PSAs dominating airwaves across the top U.S. media markets, delivering factual and compelling health information to viewers and listeners nationwide

PPMA also keeps investor companies up to date on programming each month via the PPMA Update – an e-blast recapping social media and digital advertising results, big media relations wins, consumer website performance, artificial intelligence reports and more. Additionally, the What’s New on Mainframe e-blast shares the latest marketing tools and designed assets available on the subscriber site, PPMAMainframe.org, and shares helpful tips for how to use these materials in company marketing programs.

PPMA makes changes to executive committee

John Wilson

John Wilson

The PPMA also recently made changes to its executive committee.

Long-standing Vice Chairman John Wilson concluded his service March 11 after his final board meeting at the National Pest Management Association’s Legislative Day conference. Wilson, representing Rollins, Inc., is a respected leader in the industry and champion for supporting PPMA’s mission of promoting, protecting and defending the professional pest control industry. He was first appointed to the PPMA board in 2010.

“John’s been a tremendous support to PPMA and has worked to steer and grow our consumer marketing program and outreach efforts,” Bobby Jenkins, PPMA chairman and owner of ABC Home & Commercial Services of Austin, Texas, said in the news release. “His commitment and guidance over the years will leave a lasting impact and we are deeply grateful for his years of service.”

Jerry Gahlhoff

Jerry Gahlhoff

Wilson said, “It has been a privilege to serve on the PPMA Board with such dedicated industry advocates. I am proud of the 25-year journey PPMA has undertaken to help grow our industry responsibly and am pleased to have been a small part of that effort. PPMA is in good hands with current leadership and well positioned to grow the industry in the future.”

Rollins, Inc. President and Chief Executive Officer Jerry Gahlhoff has been selected by the PPMA appointment committee to serve on the PPMA board of directors as vice chairman and member of the executive Ccommittee. Gahlhoff brings a wealth of experience as he’s led Rollins’ growth initiatives in various roles and capacities since first joining the company in 2008.

“I am proud and excited to join the PPMA Board of Directors,” Gahlhoff said. “I look forward to working with this respected group of industry leaders and leveraging my experience to further advance PPMA’s mission and support its consumer marketing efforts.”


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