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May 20, 2024

Photo: Tero Vesalainen / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

Photo: Tero Vesalainen / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

In a world where our roads are often fraught with distractions, the imperative of safety in fleet management has never been more paramount.

Recently, Culley Christensen and I co-hosted a Pest Posse TV livestream to dissect the pressing issue of distracted driving, unearthing its profound implications on road safety. We were joined by guest Erin Gilchrist, vice president of “fleet evangelism” at IntelliShift, a Commack, N.Y.-based fleet management software provider.

Our discussion didn’t just scratch the surface. It delved deep into the core of the matter.

Emphasize safety

With more than two decades of hands-on experience in fleet management under her belt, Gilchrist embodies a relentless commitment to safety. She started the discussion by framing distracted driving as any activity that diverts attention from the primary task of driving — be it the lure of a smartphone, a quick bite, or even a wandering mind. It’s not just about the individual behind the wheel; it’s about safeguarding everyone sharing the road.

Gilchrist pulled no punches in asserting that vehicles, often perceived as mundane tools of the trade, are in fact among the most dangerous assets entrusted to employees by organizations. It’s a call for organizations to instill a safety-first attitude, embedding comprehensive policies that clearly condemn distractions while driving. But it doesn’t end with policy. It’s about fostering a culture where safety isn’t an afterthought, but a way of life.

Attitude shift

Our conversation went beyond mere rhetoric; it turned into a blueprint for action. Gilchrist advocates for the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as telematics and dashcams to bolster safer driving practices. These aren’t just fancy gadgets; they’re indispensable shields, fortifying both drivers and organizations against the looming threat of liability.

Yet, amid the technology lies a fundamental truth: Policies alone won’t suffice. They must be part of an organizational culture, constantly evolving, and communicated regularly. It’s a delicate dance between safety and productivity, where undue pressure risks tip
the scales toward disaster.

Gilchrist’s parting words resonate as a clarion call to conscience: “Safety isn’t a checkbox on a compliance form. It’s about nurturing a collective mindfulness where every employee, from the owner to the service technicians, embraces their role as guardians of safety. It implores organizations to embrace safety not as an obligation, but as an investment in the well-being of their employees, their communities, and society at large.”

Watch the full Pest Posse TV livestream with Gilchrist discussing the topic of distracted driving at PestPosseTV.com/programs/distracted-driving-awareness.



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