Control Solutions Inc.: Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait


June 30, 2024



Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait offers a comprehensive triple mode of action for effectively managing fire ants (Solenopsis spp.), ensuring a fire ant-free environment.

Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait is formulated with a powerful blend of three highly effective active ingredients: indoxacarb, novaluron and pyriproxyfen. Designed for both residential and commercial use, including lawns and landscape areas, golf courses, recreational areas and industrial sites, this potent formula guarantees superior performance, the company says.

By targeting the queen and workers, Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait achieves the complete annihilation of the fire ant colonies. With just one application, users can enjoy fire ant control for the entire season. Moreover, its versatile application options allow for targeted treatment of individual mounds or widespread application for larger areas.

Because it is not a restricted-use product, Doxem Plus Fire Ant Bait enables applicators to use the product without the hassle of maintaining additional records. In addition, it is also labeled for big-headed ants (Pheidole megacephala, or BHA), pavement ants (Tetramorium caespitum) and turfgrass ants (Lasius neoniger). Click the link below for CSI’s YouTube video with additional information.

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