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Pests can cause seasonal allergies

April 22, 2019 By
Warn your customers this spring that some of biggest allergy offenders include pests such as bed bugs and dust mites, not weeds or pollen. Read more»

Identifying spiders vs. ticks

January 17, 2019 By
The easiest way to identify a tick is by the number of legs it has. Like other arachnids, ticks have eight legs in the nymph and adult stages, but only six legs in the larval stage (the so-called “seed tick”... Read more»

Ticks, Lyme disease never went away

June 3, 2015 By
A long, cold winter doesn’t have the chilling effect on tick populations you might expect. In fact, experts agree that a heavy-snow winter serves better to insulate the Lyme disease vectors until they can emerge in full force during the... Read more»

What Makes Ticks Tick

June 12, 2014 By
The mistake many technicians make with fleas and ticks is lumping the two together as parasites and trying to use one product to control both. The term ticks refers to a group of species. The same is true with fleas.... Read more»
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Dos and Don’ts: Ticks

June 1, 2013 By
A 2-year-old girl was showing signs of acute onset paralysis at a medical center. After a clinical examination and medical tests, her condition wasn’t determined. Thinking about a rare case in her medical training, a pediatric neurologist decided to conduct... Read more»
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