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Ant. Photo: iStock/edelmar

Survey: Most-managed pests of 2016

November 28, 2016 By
Mosquitoes may have stolen all the headlines this year, thanks to non-stop worldwide coverage of the Zika virus. But in the U.S., pest management professionals (PMPs) are still cashing in the most on ants — specifically carpenter ants, which technically... Read more»
Photo: Will Nepper

NJPMA Clinic, Tradeshow and Clambake highlights

November 2, 2016 By
On Aug. 18, the New Jersey Pest Management Association (NJPMA) held its 69th Annual Clinic, Tradeshow and Clambake at Rutgers University’s George H. Cook Campus in New Brunswick, N.J. Among the offerings available to attendees: expert speakers, fantastic food, an... Read more»
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Termites vs. carpenter ants: Know your wood destroyers

May 6, 2016 By
Chances are you’ve experienced a customer call (or dozens) for “a termite infestation,” only to find no evidence of such pests on-site, but a lot of telltale signs of carpenter ants. It’s a fairly common mistake for the public to... Read more»

Tips and Tricks: Are Termites the Problem? Location Makes a Difference

August 23, 2014 By
When we talk about wood-destroying insects and organisms (WDI/WDO), we tend to think only of subterranean termites — although this might depend on your location: The Northeast tends to focus on carpenter ants. But don’t forget to inspect for powderpost... Read more»