Tips and Tricks: Pets aren’t Only Reason for Fleas and Ticks


March 20, 2014

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins

Dr. Cisse W. Spragins

While fleas and ticks can be associated with pets, it isn’t necessarily the case in all structural pest control situations. Ticks are a problem most commonly outdoors, particularly around homes in wooded areas, regardless of whether the family has pets. And certain ticks carry Lyme disease, so control can be particularly important.

Minimizing brush and overgrowth near structures helps minimize harborage, but certain areas are prone to infestation and will need to be treated regularly. Effective treatments include spraying with an appropriately labeled insecticide or a botanical emulsified concentrate, which should be mixed per the label. Areas frequented by pets, such as kennels and yards, should be treated with a broad fan spray. Vegetation, brush, rock walls, wood piles and other harborage areas also should be treated. Treatment should cover entire areas, not just spots. Retreatments might be necessary to gain lasting control. The spray must be dry before reintroducing pets and people to the area.

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