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Lack of Lyme disease cases has unexpected cause

February 19, 2021 By
Research shows reptiles are poor transmitters of the Lyme disease bacterium, which means fewer southern ticks are infected and so fewer people contract Lyme disease. Read more»
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CDC research shows uptick in Lyme disease cases

January 19, 2021 By
New research shows cases of Lyme disease in the United States is higher than the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention’s previous estimates. Read more»

Protect yourself, others from ticks

May 6, 2020 By
There is zero evidence that ticks transmit COVID-19, but they remain the most important vector of arthropod-borne disease in the U.S. Read more»
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New coalition to combat vector-borne diseases

July 22, 2019 By
The Vector-Borne Disease Network will advise and support federal policymakers in confronting diseases spread by insects and related arthropods. Read more»

Terminix debuts tick control system

May 1, 2019 By
Terminix launched its Terminix Tick Defend System, an integrated pest management system that helps protect yards and homes from tick infestations. Read more»
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Pests can cause seasonal allergies

April 22, 2019 By
Warn your customers this spring that some of biggest allergy offenders include pests such as bed bugs and dust mites, not weeds or pollen. Read more»

Identifying spiders vs. ticks

January 17, 2019 By
The easiest way to identify a tick is by the number of legs it has. Like other arachnids, ticks have eight legs in the nymph and adult stages, but only six legs in the larval stage (the so-called “seed tick”... Read more»

Quiz: How much do you actually know about ticks?

March 26, 2018 By
Think you’re a tick expert? This quiz may prove otherwise… Read more»
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Ticks: Powassan virus can kill in 15 minutes

June 29, 2017 By
Doctors and hikers alike are on high alert with the expansion of the Powassan virus, a potentially fatal infection spread by ticks in the Great Lakes region. This virus can be tricky because the first warnings are simply flu-like symptoms,... Read more»
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Ticks expand their US distribution

April 8, 2016 By
A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) division of Vector-Borne Infectious Diseases researchers Drs. Rebecca Eisen, Lars Eisen and Charles Ben Beard finds that two Lyme disease vector species are being documented more frequently in... Read more»
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