Marketing Matters: Classified Ads, Motivation and Pinterest


December 3, 2015


How do you motivate your team? illustration: © Farrant

Q: I’ve had difficulty getting technicians to respond to our classified ads. Do you have suggestions about marketing to prospective applicants?

Don’t use the same boring job descriptions your competitors use. Differentiate your company and follow these three steps:

  1. Begin the ad with a catchy header, such as: “Pest Control Technician: Fantastic Opportunity!”
  2. In the body copy, include “We treat our employees like family.”
  3. Close with a call to action: “Give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!”

Q: My technicians have been unsuccessful selling add-ons and getting referrals. How do I motivate them to increase their success rates?

I recommend you:

  1. Provide sales training that incorporates role-playing.
  2. Require minimum, monthly quotas.
  3. Supplement compensation with a generous bonus system.
  4. Follow up with ride alongs.
  5. Monitor progress with daily check-ins.

Q: Should I be on Pinterest, or is it just another social media site competing for my time and money?

It’s a site regularly indexed by search engines, that will increase your ranking and drive traffic to your site. It allows you to personalize your brand, and helps you gain exposure and position yourself as an expert. By pinning and repinning, you and your visitors are helping your business by sharing links back to your blog or website.

You can reach Harvey Goldglantz, president of Pest Control Marketing Co. and author of Marketing Matters, at His book, Marketing Matters, is available from the PMP bookstore.


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