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December 9, 2016

Catseye strengthens customer relationships through trust and tailored service.

David Miclette, president of Catseye USA. Photo: Catseye uSA

David Miclette, president of Catseye USA.
Photo: Catseye USA

Customer relationships mean a lot at Catseye USA, says David Miclette, company president.

“We grow and strengthen lasting relationships with our clients by building trust,” he says, adding that this kind of trust between customer and company can only be developed through consistent communication and maintaining accountability.

“The company’s proprietary ‘service scan’ system certainly helps with the accountability,” Miclette says.

That system includes bar-coded equipment, which keeps a live record of what tools and products are being used, and when.

“We strive to exceed expectations at every opportunity,” Miclette says. “In some cases, that means helping with outdoor holiday decorations, some yard work or even taking out a customer’s trash.”

But there’s more to maintaining good customer relationships than good deeds. From their first call to Catseye, customers are in the hands of the company’s “business development center,” and the process of tailoring a service schedule unique to that customer begins.

From there, new customers are assigned a customer-service representative and technician who will be their Catseye touch-points for the duration of the relationship. Miclette says it’s perhaps the most fundamental way the company strengthens relationships.

“The customer will always be dealing with the same rep and technician,” Miclette explains. “The dedicated customer-service rep will be the person they always speak to on the phone. This builds more than just a rapport, but also a solid relationship built on trust.”

Catseye hiring practices also have a hand in their customer service, in that it provides new hires with cross-divisional training and education.

Catseye customers can check their accounts online to see the record of what service has been completed and when, in addition to future scheduling, so there’s no confusion.

“The customer always knows everything that’s happening,” Miclette says.

Another invaluable strategy Catseye employs for fostering new relationships and strengthening ones it has already developed is becoming a visible asset to the community the company serves.

“We know children and young families are the homeowners of the future,” Miclette says. “And with nearly 30 years of being a visible neighborhood presence, through entertaining animated TV ads, billboards and supporting youth athletics, we’re connecting with that future and beginning our relationships with the next generation of homeowners.”

Catseye USA

Headquarters: Albany, N.Y.
2015 revenue: $9.9 million
Projected 2016 revenue: $12.1 million
Projected increase: 22 percent

Top 3 business tips:

  1. Value your clients as well as your employees. Both will strengthen your business.
  2. Determine what differentiates you from your competition, and be the best at it.
  3. Tailor your service to meet each client’s needs.

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