Beth Z: How PMPs can use technology to solve problems


November 3, 2017

Wouldn’t it be great to have a “nerdy best friend” who tries out all the newest smartphone apps and then lets you know which ones you just have to try? Beth Ziesenis, or Beth Z as she’s known, has written four books about apps and tech tools designed to make your life easier. Her latest — The Big Book of Apps, in which she shares hundreds of helpful apps — is now available; learn more at

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Ziesenis excels at demonstrating during her presentations just how easy it is to embrace technology. Her entertaining take on how to use the latest apps to solve problems and collaborate with colleagues helps attendees get organized and work smarter. Although you will meet your new nerdy best friend during her presentation at Tuesday’s opening general session, “A Day in the Life of a Nerdy Pest Management Professional,” we’ve asked her the following five questions:

1. How can the use of apps help pest management professionals (PMPs) work smarter?

Today, we have more technology literally in the palm of our hands than has ever existed in the world. And the tools at our disposal are capable of making us more efficient and productive — and more fun at parties! Because this technology is so accessible and affordable, PMPs should embrace it to move their businesses forward.

2. What is a common mistake pest management business owners make?

Most business owners make two mistakes when it comes to new apps and tech tools: Trying to do to much at once, and being so overwhelmed that they don’t try anything at all. The best way to integrate new technology into a business is to identify one problem your team is having, then finding one tech tool that addresses that problem. Don’t try five new things at the same time. Try one out at a time, and investigate alternatives until you find a tool that works for you and your team. Then tackle the next problem.

3. What are PMPs who are not tech-savvy missing out on?

One opportunity that a non-techie PMP might miss is the chance to engage co-workers who are ready to embrace new technology. If an owner doesn’t open the door to new tech ideas, the company risks losing talent to other companies that are moving forward faster.

4. Should PMPs fear technology — like robots taking over jobs? 

We’re seeing computers and technology augment different industries, but for PMPs, the newest technology can help, not replace. Artificial intelligence may soon be helping business owners evaluate pest problems and suggest solutions, but people are still needed to work with clients and do the work.

5. How can PMPs better prepare for the future?

As I mentioned before, PMPs need to stay open to new technologies and aware of tools that will make their lives easier. Listen to the nerds on your teams about the best tools they’re hearing about, and read all you can about new trends and ideas.

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