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February 7, 2018


Pi Chi Omega recently hosted a dinner at Purdue University during their annual Pest Management Conference.

On p. 14 of the February issue, you’ll see great responses to our question of the month from Stuart Aust, Dan Gordon and Frank Meek. But five more of our contributors pondered the topic of “What are the benefits of belonging to an industry-related association or fraternity?”

Dr. Jim Fredericks: There is no one benefit that is most valuable. The National Pest Management Association’s (NPMA’s) benefits have different value based on the size and needs of each company. For example, a company making less than $250,000 in annual revenue is working with a limited marketing budget, and would find value in our free professional pest photos. Likewise, a growing company that is hiring employees would benefit significantly from our free human resources consultant and access to our health insurance exchange program. I would encourage PMPs of any size to visit NPMAPestWorld.org/member-center/membership to learn more.

Dr. Austin Frishman: The curtain of distrust from within and from others begins to dissolve. Your voice as an individual is magnified by the group. This can pertain to legislative and labor issues, in addition to a cry for technical help. It brings the best out in people, and results in lifelong friendships. It is one giant step in your goal to professionalism.

Paul Hardy: Simply being a part of something is a feeling of success.

Dr. Doug Mampe: You can exchange ideas with others in your industry and network, also.

Pete Schopen: Unfortunately, like many of my peers, I don’t use my industry-related associations as much as I probably should. I get much more from my Facebook Groups.


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