Technology in rodent control offers real-time information


August 31, 2018

Dr. Joe DeMark, Field Scientist with Corteva Agriscience

Dr. Joe DeMark, Field Scientist with Corteva Agriscience

Today’s technology includes trap detection systems, which provide real-time detection of rodent activity. A typical system alerts with text and/or email, identifying which rodent station was triggered, which allows for faster removal of the rodent.

Real-time information about rodent activity allows companies to determine where and when rodent activity took place, providing discovery of the “why.” This leads to corrective action, such as exclusion or client facility management changes, to avert future rodent problems.

There are additional service benefits. Monitoring in remote or difficult-to-access areas means these stations only need to be checked on alerts, limiting the constant need for technicians to climb ladders, use lifts or require client assistance to gain access to areas to manually check stations. In addition, in field trials, rodent decomposition before removal has been found to occur far less often overall using a trap detection system, compared to traditionally serviced sites — thus reducing odor and possible avoidance issues.

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