How to persuade customers to avoid DIY pest control


September 17, 2018



As a pest management professional, you’ve received in-depth training on how best to control the pests you encounter at service calls. When your customers decline your services, saying they can just handle their pest problems themselves, what do you tell them?

Pest Management Professional asked seven pest control pros, “How do you persuade customers to avoid DIY pest control?”

Stuart Aust: Too many things can go wrong; it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We’ve seen everything from people getting sick from misapplications, to products staining, to a homeowner starting a fire at his home trying to remove bees.

Paul Hardy: Pest management is a partnership between the customer and the pest management professional to achieve long-term success.

Dr. Doug Mampe: Professionals can use the products safely and effectively. Without special training, the products could either cause harm or not eliminate the pest problem.

Frank Meek: I explain that all chemicals, cleaners, bleach, water and pesticides can be harmful if not used correctly. Pest management professionals are taught and trained on the proper placement of materials, based on the pest’s biology and habits to get the desired results.

Kurt Scherzinger: You have to remind customers that, while they can purchase many products to combat the problems themselves, they do not have the training and knowledge that is critical for complete control.

Pete Schopen: I explain to the prospective client that pest control is normally a very dirty business. We will go into the areas of the home or business where most people don’t want to go.

Dr. Stephen Vantassel: It depends on the pest, but in wildlife control, if the solution is easy, it doesn’t work. So I tell them, “I’ll still be available when you are ready.”

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