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February 26, 2020

Jeff King

Jeff King

There’s no shortage of ideas for video topics and no excuses for thinking you have nothing to say in a video. Your customers, and potential customers, are more apt to watch a video than read text if both are available on the same page.

Jeff King, president, The Pest Rangers, Wilkes Barre, Pa., uses video to attract and inform customers. During a presentation he gave on the subject at the National Pest Management Association’s 2019 Technology Summit, King listed several ideas for video content, including:

  • Demos — Showcase the services you offer or how the products you use work. Customers are curious, and want to know what you’re going to do when you show up at their homes or businesses.
  • Brand-building — Build awareness around your company by explaining how you got started and what your company values are.
  • Event coverage — Record what happens at company functions, fundraisers and pest control conferences.
  • Expert interviews — Speak with industry thought leaders or other experts to spotlight a topic that is of interest to customers.
  • Educational insights — Share the knowledge you’ve gained over the years to help build trust with customers and help them better understand pest control.
  • Explainers — Customers go online to learn more about their pest problems and how you can solve them. Help them understand why they need your services.
  • Entertainment — Use humor to grab the attention of your target audience. Videos that are shared extend your brand reach even further.
  • Testimonials — Ask your most loyal customers to explain how your services helped solve their pest problems.
  • Personalized messages — Address customers directly by recording yourself recapping an important meeting or answering commonly asked questions. Or get in front of the camera and tell your story.
  • Live Q&As — Using Facebook Live, encourage viewers to ask questions and answer them on the spot. A scrolling screen of messages will let you see which questions are relevant that you want to answer on camera.

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