Easing customer anxieties about bed bugs


February 14, 2022

Tommy Powell

Tommy Powell

Although bed bugs are not a known vector for disease, they have become one of the most feared pests since their comeback more than a decade ago. They can elicit a variety of emotions like shame, anxiety and stress, leaving your customer vulnerable. Approach these customers with understanding, and give them a service with no surprises.

This is important from the first contact in the sales process. Don’t get trapped answering the question, “How did this happen to me?” Don’t play the blame game and guess how a customer got a bed bug infestation. You don’t want an angry relative or hotel manager calling you after your customer unleashes his or her frustrations.

Also, you always should explain why you want customers to do their part, and how important their cooperation is to achieving control. To avoid any surprises, set expectations:

  • How long will the customers need to vacate their home?
  • Is the treatment going to require multiple visits?
  • What should customers expect when they return home?


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