Chemical control tactics against SPP


November 11, 2022

Dr. Ryan Neff

Dr. Ryan Neff, West Coast Technical Field Specialist, MGk

Dealing with stored pest products (SPP) can be tricky, especially in a food-production or -processing environment. While sanitation and removal of infested products are the primary ways to achieve long-term control, there are situations that require chemical control tactics. For example, if a shipment of infested product is inadvertently accepted and there is an audit coming up, it may be necessary to fog so as to knock down the adults to meet third-party auditing requirements.

Fogging applications also may be made regularly based on factors such as time of year, processing of certain commodities, or on pheromone trap catch data. It is important to consider the characteristics of the material you are fogging with, however, and the expected outcome of the application. Some fogging products are designed to provide quick knockdown and nothing more. Others contain ingredients with longer residuals and may be used as part of a preventive approach.


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Dr. Ryan Neff, West Coast Technical Field Specialist, MGK

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