Best mosquito management lessons learned


April 3, 2024

Photo: Kwangmoozaa/ iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images

Photo: Kwangmoozaa/ iStock / Getty Images Plus/ Getty Images

We asked Pest Management Professional’s columnists and editorial advisory board members share what’s the best mosquito management lesson they’ve learned. Here are some of the experts’ responses from our April 2024 print edition.

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PMP’s Editorial Advisory Board and Regular Contributors

Greg Baumann: “Look at the account. Determine whether the pest is an ankle biter or a tree mosquito. Then develop a plan based upon what you found. One size does not fit all.”

Judy Black

Judy Black, BCE

Judy Black, BCE: “Reducing breeding sites should always be the first action you take. Also, be thorough with your applications. Targeting the correct amount of product to the right spots is key to success.”

Foster Brusca: “Inspect areas that are cool, dark and out of the way for mosquito breeding and resting sites. This has made finding the source of mosquitoes so much more successful.”

Kurt Scherzinger: “Set realistic expectations with customers. Otherwise, you will be getting called back every time they think they were bitten by a mosquito.”

Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin

Dan Baldwin, BCE, REHS/RS, CCFS, CP-FS, PCQI: “Do not promise that which cannot be delivered. A perfectly executed residential mosquito program cannot stop mosquitoes from flying in from neighboring areas, bypassing all treated areas, or biting someone. Mosquito services are extremely valuable, and customers should have them, but it is important to set realistic expectations regarding a pest that can fly.”

Michael Broder: “It is important to educate customers on potential mosquito breeding sites. When we have cooperative customers who are acting on our recommendations, we see the best results.”

Doug Foster: “Integrated pest management for the win! It’s about the long-term power of combining larvicides and source reduction over simply spraying or misting for adult mosquitoes. We get much better results — and happier clients — when we integrate all the tools we have available to us.”

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