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Termite jobs: Follow these guidelines for success

May 24, 2017 By
The key to success in any termite job is to follow these principles: Choose appropriate products and follow label directions to the letter. Keep up-to-date with your state regulations. Follow personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements. Carry a spill kit, and... Read more»
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How to train technicians for termite inspections

May 17, 2017 By
Regardless of whether termite services function as a separate division within a pest management business, all technicians should receive regular, basic training about termite biology, behavior and control. Technicians who haven’t been trained how to recognize termite activity might be... Read more»

Experts share unusual WDI, WDO encounters

March 14, 2017 By
What unusual wood-destroying insect/organism (WDI/WDO) situation have you encountered? Two Pest Management Professional contributors weigh in: “In 1967, we worked on a Formosan termite problem in New Orleans, before we, as an industry, knew what we were dealing with in subterranean... Read more»
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PMP survey shows solid WDI revenue in 2017

March 1, 2017 By
PMP’s annual reader survey for termites and wood-destroying insects finds an optimistic industry, ready for action. Termites may be tiny, but they cause billions of dollars in damage to wood structures every year. Detection by pest management professionals (PMPs) is... Read more»

5 ways to improve termite management revenue

February 16, 2017 By
When opportunity knocks for this service segment, be sure to open the door. In a slightly different way than general pest control does, termite management services seem to be capable of giving pest management professionals (PMPs) big-ticket revenue … and... Read more»

Syngenta adds drywoods to Altriset label

March 24, 2016 By
Altriset termiticide from Syngenta Professional Pest Management (PPM) is now labeled for control of drywood termites, in addition to Eastern subterranean and Formosan termites. “We understand PMPs can’t take a chance on termite control that doesn’t meet their business needs,”... Read more»
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Chalk Talk: 10 Tips for Better Termite Management

February 3, 2016 By
  The secret to profitability lies in avoiding retreats at every turn. Occasionally, a subterranean termite job is done correctly. Label directions were followed and there’s no obvious reason why the job should fail — but it did. Why? Here’s... Read more»
Dr. Reid Ipser, Director of Technical Services, Nisus Corp.

Tips & Tricks: Treatment Options for Drywood Termites

November 10, 2015 By
Drywood termites usually are found in the humid coastal and subtropical regions of the U.S. But several species are found in the desert southwest, and they appear to be spreading. Tent fumigation is a standard treatment choice for drywood control.... Read more»
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Save time and money by correctly performing an inspection for drywood termites.

Callback Cures: Three Tips for Improved Drywood Inspections

October 29, 2015 By
Your ability to correctly perform an inspection for drywood termites (Cryptotermes and Incisitermes spp.) can save you time and a lot of money. However, termites are cryptic and structures aren’t see-through. This is especially true for drywood termite colonies that... Read more»


October 22, 2014 By
When spiders crawl, Temprid SC offers a flexible label that allows indoor and outdoor use. It combines the fast-acting, broad-spectrum control of beta-cyfluthrin with the systemic residual control of imidacloprid to provide premium performance and efficacy. It also fights several... Read more»