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Why fly species ID was — and is — important

March 10, 2019 By
In the April 1959 issue of what was then known as Pest Control magazine, Dr. Arthur Smith tackled “Fly Control: Is Species Important?” At the time, Dr. Smith was a technical fly consultant for the Bureau of Vector Control, California... Read more»
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longhorned tick (PHOTO: JAMES GATHANY, CDC/DVBD)

Rutgers keys out Asian longhorned tick

February 26, 2019 By
Scientists recently created a guide to tell the Asian longhorned tick apart from other tick species. Read more»

6 simple steps for spider control

December 21, 2018 By
Spider control can stump even the most experienced pest management professional (PMP). Effective control, however, can be framed with six simple steps: 1. Identify. Other than cases involving medically significant spiders, it usually is not imperative to meticulously identify spiders... Read more»
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Be productive during downtime

December 18, 2018 By
When the slow season arrives, it can be hard to feel productive. We asked the professionals who contribute to Pest Management Professional: How can PMPs best take advantage of downtime during the slow season? Here’s their advice. Stuart Aust: The... Read more»
Dr. Janis Reed, BCE, Technical Services Manager, Control Solutions Inc.

Identifying spiders to calm fears

December 6, 2018 By
Nearly every call/email/text we get about spiders contains the same question: Is it venomous/dangerous? This question is not easy to answer. With more than 45,000 species of spiders worldwide, identification can be challenging. Most entomologists are not trained to identify... Read more»

Determine the real reason for spiders’ presence

November 29, 2018 By
Why do we have horrible, awful, nasty and scary spiders? Food. Spiders would not be harboring or hunting in an environment devoid of food. Their mere presence is really symptomatic of a different pest issue — usually small flies, or... Read more»

Control fall invaders as cold weather approaches

November 5, 2018 By
Fall invaders can elevate beyond nuisance status, becoming a nuisance and contamination threat. Read more»
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Double-check your pest IDs

September 4, 2018 By
When identifying pests, double-check your answer and get a second opinion if something seems amiss. Read more»
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PHOTO: iStock.com/shayneppl

3 steps to solving mystery ‘bites’

August 31, 2018 By
In PMP’s March issue, Crawley McPherson presented a case of a “mysterious itch” — or delusions of parasitosis (DOP). This type of case is not uncommon. Unfortunately, many in the industry fail to handle these complaints professionally. Read more: Fiction: Crawley... Read more»
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Bed bug-educated clients are an asset

January 18, 2018 By
Many of the “bed bugs” that people find are not bed bugs at all. Read more»
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