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Most Wanted: Plodia interpunctella

July 11, 2014 By
“Cleptoparasitic stored product pests are guilty of contaminating up to 10% of global grain supplies. Stored product pests can originate at the time of product production but drastically escalate during storage and transport.” — Dr. Ted Granovsky As Stored Product... Read more»
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Dos and Don’ts: Indianmeal Moths

July 11, 2014 By and
■ Do the applied biology and eliminate the moths through integrated pest management (IPM). ■ Don’t let Indianmeal moth (IMM), Plodia interpunctella, contaminate stored food product. ■ Do observe lighting on or near the structure. Sodium vapor (yellow-colored) lighting has... Read more»

Pest Colloquial Names and Mistaken Identities

April 12, 2012 By
It is interesting how many customers have their own names for pests based on what their parents and friends called them. These colloquial pest names get passed down generation after generation. As a result, pest management professionals (PMPs) have to... Read more»