Calling All Fantastic Fleets!


April 13, 2016

An upcoming issue of PMP will feature a piece on fleet management for industry vehicles. We’re turning to you to compile a collection of the coolest, most effective and most inventive vehicles in the biz. Do vehicles in your fleet sell your service with eye-catching truck wraps, roof-mounted bugs, vehicular mouse ears, or any other feature you feel sets you apart from the pack? We want to see the best of what the industry has to offer, and we know our readers are the ones who can provide just that. The more creative and/or effective, the better.

Furthermore, do you have any stories about your unique fleet vehicles? Would you like to be interviewed for the story and see your name and an image of your trucks in the pages of PMP? If so, act now — Send any info or pics to me — senior editor Will Nepper — by April 22, so we can collect and digest what we get, so we can begin piecing this fun-but-informative feature together. We’ve called on readers to offer up pics of their fleets late last year and got a great response. Most who sent pics ended up in a piece I posted here. Give it a read and see if you have anything similar (or uniquely you) to contribute. Likewise, if you have any stories or ideas related to pest management company fleets or fleet management, we’d like to hear those too! Just drop me a line (with attached photos if applicable) to me at We look forward to seeing what you’re putting on the road, what sets your fleet apart and how it sells your sells your service.


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