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|  February 13, 2017

Photo: Bennett Termite

As we promised in our February issue’s termite guide, we have just a little more info to share with you from one of our sources, Dean Bennett.

On the home page of BennettTermite.com, Bennett Termite & Pest Control’s website, there’s a special feature near the bottom called “PestChecker Services” to help existing and potential customers identify pests. Bennett, president of the Bishopville, Md.-based firm, notes that it’s been a door opener for a lot of new business.

“People take a photo of the pest they’re encountering, and upload it to the page with their basic contact information,” he explains. “Each time one comes, I take a look at the photo. If I don’t know what it is, I send it along to our staff entomologist. Either way, we get back to the person about what it is likely to be, and here’s what we can do to treat for it.

“The main thing the consumer wants to know is, ‘Is it harmful? How can I prevent it?’” Bennett continues. “I’ll tell you, we get a lot of photos that turn out to be camelback crickets. So we’re able to usually set their mind at ease right away and go on to the next step: Setting up an appointment to take care of the issue.”

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