GPS and routing solutions: Don’t get left behind


August 8, 2017

Illustration: Leo Michael

Illustration: Leo Michael

GPS and routing solutions are indispensable tools that boost productivity, improve safety, and reduce maintenance costs, say the pest management professionals (PMPs) who use them.

This month, we asked PMPs to tell us why they turned to this technology and how it benefits their businesses. Our cover story, “Route to Riches,” includes advice for PMPs who are not yet onboard.

If you’re looking for a reason, consider the ability to keep drivers — and the community — safe.

Your vehicles are one of the most visible and effective marketing tools you have. They can feature your company name, phone number and website, and be seen by current and prospective customers day in and day out.

Do you want drivers of your “rolling billboards” to cut off other drivers, speed on their way to service calls, or idle needlessly in customers’ driveways? Of course not. That’s why GPS solutions are a valuable tool for PMPs who use them to monitor and correct driver behavior.

As for the reasons for using routing solutions, well, what PMP wouldn’t want to improve customer relations by sending a technician to a last-minute service call minutes after a customer request? Wouldn’t it also be nice to decrease drive time and add two or more stops per route per day?

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